September 19, 2020

How to Respond to Essay Assignment Feedback

Types of Student Feedback and How to Respond

Professors are meant to give feedback once students submit their essay assignments. In most cases, this feedback is meant to offer guidance, pointing out areas of weakness and those that require improvement in the future and try to find website that writes essays for you. Students who take the corrections with an open mind are likely to do better in the next assignment. However, the feedback varies and could mean different things.

Types of Feedback from Professors and Tutors

As already mentioned, the moment of reckoning comes once the assignments are brought back after being marked. The grade can either be pleasing or displeasing, depending on what the remarks are. Either way, this feedback is important for any student aiming to improve their skills. Some of the most common feedback include:

  • Reliant on critics
  • Too short
  • Too long
  • Self-contradicting
  • Numerous quotations
  • Insufficient evidence
  • Confusing
  • Missed point/ off-topic
  • Poor presentation
  • Very Good

Very Good

All students look forward to this type of feedback because it shows that they got what the tutor wanted perfectly. However, this feedback only makes sense if the accompanying score is equally good and high. If this is the case, you may have to go to the teacher and request more comments about why you did not score higher scores despite the pleasing comment. This should be a problem because it shows that you are ready to do better and improve your score eventually.

Poorly Presented

When the feedback you get after submitting your essay for assessment is poor presentation, you went wrong with the formatting process. Other issues that warrant such remarks include punctuation and spelling mistakes, and failing to follow general styling rules when given by the professor. This means that students should always follow the guideline given by the professor. Always proofread and edit your work severally before submitting the final copy for assessment to avoid comments such as inappropriate styling for a formal essay, boring text, or wrong context.


Whenever your marker comments that your essay is all over the place, you can be sure that your content was not clear. You probably did not develop a good outline or thesis statement to direct your thought process, hence ending up with an incoherent structure. You should always have a tight structure when it comes to writing a good essay since logic is key. Start powerfully and have a good conclusion that comprehensively summarizes all your points.

Missed the Point

One of the most devastating comments or feedback would be the one that says you missed the point of the entire article. This implies that all your hard work and time was wasted on a different thing, other than what you should have done in the first place. This easily happens when you fail to read the question properly and understand the intent of the topic. In some cases, spending too much time on irrelevant sources and too little time on relevant sources could lead to this since students end up focusing on the wrong details.

Too short/ long/ reliant on critics

Such comments often imply that students overdid something that they should have used moderately. As for length, each essay has a standard length that is often specified by the tutor. Stick to the directives, and you will never go wrong.

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