July 27, 2020

How to Write Essay Assignments for Grade 6

Steps for Writing Essay Assignments for Grade 6

At this stage, one is probably required to write a general essay. This means that they will have to master the steps involved in writing a general paper. At this stage, tutors want to find out if students have mastered the general steps that help create a great essay, which includes:

  • Picking the right topic
  • Creating an outline
  • Writing the thesis
  • Focusing on the body paragraphs
  • Starting with a powerful intro
  • Finishing with a powerful conclusion and summary
  • Editing, and proofreading as the final touches

Writing a General Essay

When students master the art of essay writing at an early age, they increase their chances of thriving in later years. Academic essay writing is crucial for all students planning to further their academic endeavors. Fortunately, the format is the same across all types of essays, with slight variations to cater to specific essay needs. There are specific things one needs to consider when writing a good essay.

Choosing the Essay Type

To write an excellent paper, one has first to choose the type of essay they are writing. Generally, the main types include:

  1. Descriptive essays: Writers should focus on the processes and details involved
  2. Narrative essays: These essays focus on telling a story in a straightforward, and organized manner
  3. Expository essays: In this case, the writer gives a breakdown of a process
  4. Persuasive essays: This type focuses on convincing the reader to take a given standpoint

It is important to know the type of essay one will write since this helps determine the structure and topic of the essay in general.


Once you figure out the topic, your next move should be to think about it. It is impossible to write about a topic you know nothing about. At this stage of the general essay, stop and think about the details of the content you want to write. Note down the points and reasonably group them since this will help you connect ideas.


This is a crucial step in all essay writing processes. Your goal is to write a comprehensive essay from an expert point of view. You can only achieve this by conducting in-depth research on the topic of choice. Use the relevant sources pointed out by the tutor, or your own, as long as they are updated and useful.

Create a Thesis

Your essay’s main point should be clear for all to see. Choose a standalone statement that expresses your viewpoint. Make sure the statement is broad enough to be clear and thorough when discussing it. The thesis should come among the first things in the introductory paragraph.

Create your Essay Outline

A good essay has a specific direction. To achieve this chronological order, one must ensure that they are using an outline with specific details. This outline helps one avoid mixing ideas in one point and ensuring a smooth transition from one point to the next. With a good outline, students can easily proceed to writing the essay and proofreading the final copy.

A good essay follows specific steps. You can hire external help if stuck.

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