July 13, 2020

How to Write Essay Assignments On To Kill a Mockingbird

Analyzing To Kill a Mocking Bird in an Essay

Like all other literary works To Kill a Mocking Bird is a great book by Harper Lee. It comes in the form of a bird motif where different characters symbolizing the mocking bird, which implies innocence is discussed. The story explores how the character's innocence is destroyed due to the small southern US town's values. Readers get to explore the innocence theme from different perspectives throughout the story.

Themes in To Kill a Mocking Bird

When writing an essay on this book, students must point out the different themes throughout the narration. Some of these include:

  • Innocence theme
  • Voice
  • Fear
  • Prejudice
  • Empathy
  • Heroism

The bottom line is to analyze the novel and make sure the reader understands what the book is about through the different themes captured in the book. Different characters in the book demonstrate different themes, as described below.

The Voice

One thing that is clear from the book is that people see and hear what they choose and want to see and hear. For instance, color may affect perception like when a white man looks down on the black man, forming prejudice, while the black man's wrongful prosecution because of his skin pigmentation is considered an injustice and color-based discrimination. One’s viewpoint depends on where they sit. It appears as though Maycomb was marred with a lot of racial discrimination in the 1930s, making it one of the glaring themes in this fiction story.

H3: Fear

Fear is a major theme in this story, as the author describes how different people change their behavior and reactions over time. Through fear, it is possible to see the different personalities in the characters being described. This aspect manifests in different forms as the author captures different thought processes and actions taken by people resulting from fear.


The Mocking Bird story captures different forms of prejudice existing in society. Apart from racial prejudice, other common forms of prejudice include age and sexual prejudice. From the setting, it is obvious that Maycomb's people must learn to accept everyone regardless of their color, age, and gender. The trial of Tom Robinson, who is accused of raping a girl in the area, is a big revelation of the different forms of prejudice happening in the Southern US town.


This theme made the book To Kill a Mocking bird to be awarded the Pultizer Prize Award in 1961. The perfectly woven empathy and inequality themes are captured perfectly in the book. These are best seen through Scott's story, a young boy who has to grow up in tough situations. The struggles of the community around the subject of inequality come alive through this fictional story.


Innocence loss is captured in numerous ways. From the book’s title, this theme reflects. While the mocking bird harms no one, it is still killed, hence losing its innocence.

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