July 1, 2020

Types of Essay Assignments for Middle School

Top Middle School Essay Assignment

Students at different academic levels are required and expected to write specific essay types. Some of these are similar across the board, with the only difference being that complexity varies. Depending on which level a student is at, tutors may have varied expectations. Some of the common types of essays they are expected to write for middle school level include:

  • Narrations or story-telling essays
  • How-to and demonstration topics
  • Persuasive essays
  • Expository essays

Skills Required to Write Essays

There are general skills that every student needs to be armed with to write an essay successfully. However, depending on the type of essay one has to write, certain specific skills are necessary. Students need to understand the topic and appreciate the skills needed before they begin writing.

Universal Skills

Regardless of the type of essay assigned, universal skills are crucial when writing these essays. One of the most important skills is to know how to introduce the essay engagingly while capturing the topic's essence. In addition to hooking the reader, students must understand how best to organize their work and ensure a logical flow of ideas. It is also important for students to understand how well they need to back up information after conducting extensive research and concluding the essay.

Writing Persuasive Essays

After understanding the basic requirements of writing an essay, students should know each type of essay's specifications. For persuasive essays, the element of persuasion needs to come out clearly. You can capture this as opinions or arguments as long as there is an element of logical thinking. Arguments and positions must also be supported with credible backup details.


In this form of essay, students are required to re-tell a story in their own words. There needs to be a personalized approach when telling the story's sequence, ensuring that it develops naturally as you write. It is also important for students to understand how well they need to back up information after conducting extensive research and concluding the essay. The use of descriptive and sensory details is crucial because readers will need to feel like part of the story if the essay is to be considered successful.

Expository Essays

In this case, students must examine a specific phenomenon and provide relevant information that enables the reader to comprehend the material in detail. Some of the common topics in such types of essays have to do with new inventions or scientific problems. Students must be well-equipped with research skills since such essays require in-depth analysis. There is a need to focus on facts and to organize the content in a reliable and easy-to-follow structure.

Essay writing is easy as long as you know what is expected. More than understanding the type of essay, students should always follow the instructions given to them by their professors because each tutor is different. Having a general understanding of how to write essays is a great place to start. In case you are unable to figure things out, it is best to hire expert writing help online.

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